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Behold Eli Roth... beaten, whipped and tortured for the crimes he's committed in HOSTEL: PART 2!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... It's pretty much known that Eli Roth and I are friends - So I know that what I have to say about HOSTEL: PART 2 will be pretty much, summarily dismissed as just being shilling for Eli Roth. That said, HOSTEL: PART 2 is vastly superior to the first HOSTEL film, which I loved. This time, instead of the "Ugly American" frat rats - you have genuine likable characters that you don't want to see mistreated. That you do care about. The "kills" are wonderfully theatrical and over the top, and not the brutal types that you see in the first film. Make no mistake, they're bloody and hard, but it's a different kind of violence. Just about every aspect of this film is superior to the first across the board. And it really shows how Eli has continued to mature as an artist. That said... I really felt Eli deserved to be beaten within an inch of his life by people that know how to do it. Tim League felt he deserved to be whipped in front of an Alamo Audience. And the girls doing it, relished beating this torturer of women. So for your pleasure, we present the humiliation of Eli Roth...

Video By Anne Heller

Here's SXSW's Programmer Matt Dentler's impressions from last night!

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