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FuturamaFan Says TRICK 'R TREAT Five Months Early!!

Merrick here...
FuturamaFan (which automatically makes him A-OK in my book) sent in an early look at TRICK 'R TREAT, produced by Bryan Singer & written/directed by Michael Dougherty (writer of X2 and SUPERMAN RETURNS). You can read more about TRICK 'R TREAT, and grab an exclusive image from it, in Moriarty's article from a few weeks back. As always, keep in mind this film is unfinished and won't be hitting theaters until early October. So, this review is based on a work in progress.
Here's FuturamaFan...
*This Review Contains Some Spoilers* Tonight, I was given the chance to to see the new Bryan Singer Produced Horror Flick Trick R' Treat. Written and Directed by Michael Dougherty. This was the first time hearing about this film, so I had no idea what I was getting into the moment I said yes to my friend in going. So, we get to the theater (Pacific Theaters in Winnetka) and got some good seats. Apparently, we were the first people to see the film. Of course, we got the usual "This film isn't complete" stuff, but if you never heard the music before(I heard some Danny Elfman cues), it looks pretty done. So the lights dimmed and the movie started. The film opens like a horror flick usually does, with a graphic killing of a hot girl. Then we find out about a principal(Dylan Baker), who seems to have some sort of vendetta with kids, as he poisons the candy and kills the fat kid from Bad Santa. That was a pretty gross scene, as the kid proceeds to vomit mountains of chocolate and possibly blood. It seems this guy leads a double life of being a serial killer, and burys his victims in the backyard, next to the oblivious Neighbor (Played by Brian Cox). He also carves up human head with his son, and then he goes back on the job. Elsewhere, a group of teenage girls get dressed for a party, and one of them is the typical virgin girl (Anna Paquin), who is nervous about the whole ordeal, and tells them to go along while she catches up later. Meanwhile, a group of kids go of to a site where a bus driver attempted to kill a bunch of "Special kids" and failed, as one turned on him and drove the bus into the lake, killing everyone but one. And they decide to pull a prank on the nerdy girl that went with them, but weird stuff begins to happen. So, just so you guys/girls know, these are all seperate stories taking place on the same night. Normally, this sounds like your average typical slasher flick. However, about 20 minutes into the film, everything turns incredibly bizzare. Since I knew nothing about the film before walking in, nothing could prepare me for the onslaught of weirdness that took place. Pretty soon, we get Werewolves, Zombies, and a little demon child for good measure, all thrown into a 90 minute bloodfest. Though not as graphic as some horror films these days, it's still very R-Rated. This was film where you think you know where it wasgoing, but then it quckly changes gears and introduces something completely messed up. Everything comes together at the end, but man, it was weird as hell. There was no real main character, as everyone got more or less equal screentime. But the best part easily was Brian Cox as the old next door. He faces off with the evil demon child. Forgot to mention, this thing is freaky as hell. It's got the head of a pumpkin, and it's filled with pumpkin juice. So, what did I think of this movie? Well, for all it's randomness, and for the fact the the film was messed up beyond comprehension, it was definitely a hell of a lot of fun. It was more of a horror comedy than a straight up horror flick, there are as much laughs as scares. The audience seemed to be into it, but most were very confused about the various 180's the plot took. It almost seemed like Singer and Doughtery walked into a room, sat down and said "Hey, let's make a horror flick with Zombies, a serial killer, Werewolves, and a little pumpkin demon child, and set it during Halloween, and just go nuts." That's exactly what this film was....nuts. Yet it was also great. The film is destined to be a cult classic. If you must call be something, call me FuturamaFan.

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