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“Pirate Master” features 16 Americans out of their element, 33 days in a tropical setting, weekly eliminations and a million-dollar prize purse. Just as “Starter Wife” doubtlessly seeks to fill the Thursday-night viewership vacuum left by the absence of fresh “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Ugly Betty,” so does the 13-episode “Pirate Master” - the latest from reality maven Mark Burnett - seek to mollify that demographic pining after Burnett’s “Survivor.” Instead of a deserted beach, the contestants live aboard a 179-foot pirate ship as they use clues to find real gold worth real money. The “pirate master,” or last contestant standing, gets the grand booty of $500,000. * Nine of the 16 prospective pirate masters are in their twenties; * Five are in their thirties; * The remaining two are in their forties. * Two are bartenders. * One is a male stripper/scientist. * Eight are from California. The cast: Laurel Schmidt, 21, glass blower, Los Angeles; Joy McElveen, 21, receptionist, West Columbia, S.C.; Alexis Shubin, 26, publicist, Fountain Valley, Calif.; Christa DeAngelo, 29, movie extra, Tamaqua, Pa.; Nessa Nemir, 29, make-up artist, Berkeley, Calif.; Jupiter Mendoza, 30, bartender, Los Angeles; Cheryl Kosewicz, 35, deputy D.A., Reno, Nev.; Kendra Guffey, 38, dive master, Los Angeles; Ben Fagan, 23, musician, Charleston, S.C.; John Lakness, 25, scientist/stripper, Carlisle, Mass.; Azmyth Kaminski, 26, music producer, Los Angeles; Sean Twomey, 27, bartender, Venice, Calif.; J.D. Morton, 36, smokejumper, Fairbanks, Alaska; Jay Hatkow, 37, auto parts salesman, Detroit; Louie Frase, 43, marina owner, Fishing Creek, Md.; and Christian Okoye, 45, ex-NFL player, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. Learn what they look like here. 8 p.m. Thursday. CBS.

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