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A new International TRANSFORMERS poster is discovered!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Once again has a nifty bit of TRANSFORMERS goodness. Right now, they have tons of stuff... click the above link, password: codeblack... my favorites are if you double-click on the red harddrive icon on the left and watch the videos. Some of you might have seen a big to do about this section a couple weeks back because you get a glimpse of a dinobot in one of the videos. The rest are equally fun. Anyway, the news is some dudes over at Buzznet dug up the International poster. Check below to get a look! It's pretty, but kinda oddly laid out. Almost has the feel of those Wal-Mart collage posters you see every summer for the big movie, like STAR WARS or PIRATES. What are your thoughts?

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