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Hey folks, Harry here -- Various folks have been contacting me to comment upon STAR WARS' 30th Anniversary. Hey - I love STAR WARS. Watching the original film makes me tear up and remember playing with those toys when my favorite landscape was a rug to wallow on and make laser noises non-stop. Merrick's piece pretty much nails it. I saw that same image in STARLOG and also couldn't read the text around it. I was at San Diego when that trailer debuted... and my father managed to get a copy of it in 16mm and we watched it countless times before the film ever came out. But the best thing about STAR WARS isn't the light sabers, the score, the actors or the space ships. It's not what George Lucas wrote. It's the Audience that was watching, listening and dreaming. STAR WARS is a glue that binds us, its audience - wherever we may be. When you meet someone in that age range that saw the films on their initial runs... you can have that conversation. It's a given. It's there to talk about. It doesn't require you to dress up or to swing Master Replicas at one another. It's just something that you can share and geek out about. And it's always a great conversation. And now - for STAR WARS and for you the audience, I give you this...

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