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From the International Poster Arena comes... John Cassavetes' TRANSFORMERS!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... if you get the above headline - and the posters below and actually laugh - CONGRATS - cuz it's me having fun with Robot faces. Below we have 3 International Posters for Michael Bay's TRANSFORMERS. I really prefer these straight on shots to the profiles of the domestic release posters. And I hear there is one more International Poster that is kinda STAR WARS-y that's yet to debut. Dagnabbit! Also - if you catch the MTV MOVIE AWARDS - you're gonna see a new scene from the film. Meanwhile - for those of you, like me, that are dying for the ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE's Mega-Uber-Supreme Advance Screening of TRANSFORMERS with ROBOSAURUS eating cars and spewing out 60 ft of flame into the sky... well look no further than the Alamo Drafthouse's Own Page about it! It's going to rock like you won't believe! Now - here are these posters!

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