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On the eve of Celebration IV, the big STAR WARS rumor flying around the net is...

UPDATED! Told ya' I didn't buy it... Also from Australia, Steve Sansweet, keymaster to all Lucasfilm LTD information, denied the STAR WARS movie rumor. Didn't make sense that it was just one movie and it came from whispers on the Celebration convention floor that originated with a misquote from Lucas a couple weeks back. Maybe it's better to let STAR WARS stay where it is and hope these TV shows rock. The Clone Wars were great (I can unashamedly watch those more than any of the prequels) and TV is getting to a place that could really support a badass Star Wars TV show. Imagine the production value of something like LOST or HEROES, but with STAR WARS... So, Happy Birthday Star Wars! We might bicker and bitch, but at the end of the day we do it because we love you! If you're at Celebration and see this badboy for sale, think of poor Austin-bound Quint will ya'?

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. So, the big rumor going around is that George Lucas is going to announce tomorrow, on the 30th Anniversary of STAR WARS at the big Celebration IV event in LA, that in addition to the two STAR WARS TV shows (one animated, one live action) he will be prepping a new STAR WARS theatrical film. The rumor has it that this supposed film will take place before the prequels, during the time of the Old Republic. This all comes from the whispers around the Celebration convention and has been reported by various blogs and outlets with people on the ground covering the event (here's the one I saw, thanks to a heads up by Big Dave B). I don't know if I buy it. Having been to many cons, the word around the floor is usually wrong or mistaken. I guess we'll know for sure by the end of the weekend. But if it is true, I hope Lucas decides to hand over the reigns. I'm sure there are a hundred talented, well-respected filmmakers that'd love to take a shot at directing a STAR WARS movie. I think Lucas works best when he's producing and advising and if this rumor pans out, the only way he'll be able to keep tabs on the TV shows and this movie is if he's only producing them all. What do you folks think?

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