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Now That The "Nuts" Campaign Is In Motion, What Next??

Merrick here...
...with a quick update about efforts to save JERICHO. In our previous article, we mentioned a campaign to deluge CBS with nuts. When we posted that article Monday, the total amount of nuts being sent to CBS was around 2,100 pounds. Now, three days later, the total amount of CBS-bound nuts has climbed to over 13,300 pounds. You can help send nuts to CBS by clicking HERE. INTERNATIONAL READERS: there are side notes on this site which will guide you through how to successfully fill-out the order form with your international address. Concerned that a torrent of nuts may not be enough in itself (although, I imagine the homeless population around CBS will be having a blast...provided they aren't allergic), JERICHO fans are now targeting several new campaigns, including THIS EFFORT to place a full page ad in Variety. They've successfully raised the (approx) $6,900 to required to place this ad. In fact, they overshot their goal by several thousand dollars. Rumors are now afoot that fans will channel their passion towards a boycott of products/services/etc. currently advertising on CBS. You can dig around HERE to find more information about the potential boycotts. Honestly, I wouldn't have expected a great deal of mainstream media play for the Save JERICHO campaign, but it's out there...quite a bit of it. Among the coverage currently out there: The New York Times, Defamer, CNN Money, Entertainment Weekly, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and The Los Angeles Times. There are others, many others, but you get the idea. This cause...has the attention of people beyond the scope of sites like this, upholding my contention that there is interest out there, and there is support for what JERICHO represents. But CBS didn't tap into those masses quite right. Just my take on the matter. On a personal note, I've been doing this kind of web stuff for over ten years now. I've worked for other large entertainment sites, and have been deeply involved with fan communities on many levels over many occasions. And, never...never...have I encountered such a well organized, passionate, courteous fan base as I've found in JERICHO gang. I've received messages from JERICHO fans all over the world, universally professional and appreciative of all efforts being made to save this show. Above all, they establish goals and they get it done - no hemming and hawing, no second guessing, no signs of internal discord (that I'm aware of, at least). It's resolve, pure and simple. Something we don't see too much of these days. JERICHO is about a group of ordinary people facing incalculably unlikely odds. Still, they step up to the plate and do what needs to be done - even if it feels like pushing a boulder up hill. The fans of this show seem to be the same kind of people. An interesting breed to be sure. I'm not just saying this because I love the show and want it to come back, and I'm not saying this to kiss anyone's ass (I don't need to). I've said this to several friends over the past few days, so I thought I'd go ahead and share it with the world. CLICK HERE for our initial report, and HERE for out most recent update. That's it for now. More info as more comes in...

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