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From the 'You Read It Here First' Department: HE-MAN the movie confirmed!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Yep, that's right. The trades are running with a story this very morning that Moriarty broke last Friday (CLICK IT HERE TO READ THAT STORY!). So, what's the news? As we reported, Justin Marks (upcoming VOLTRON and STREET FIGHTER) is writing, Joel Silver is producing and Warner Bros is distributing. Oddly, the trade stories don't have much new information, just that (of course) He-Man hasn't been cast yet and that the pitch was selling it like a kiddie version of 300... which could be really bad. I grew up with HE-MAN and as much nostalgia as I have for the Dolph Lundgren movie, it never came close to being anything remotely like the cartoon. I mean, a He-Man movie with hardly any Eternia? I want Cringer/Battle Cat, dammit! Hell, I even want Orko! Yeah, you heard me. Orko. I think there's a potential for a great HE-MAN fantasy flick that has not been tapped. I'll keep my fingers crossed that these guys pull it off well. Thoughts?

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