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UPDATE!Those TRANSFORMERS Spots on HEROES Tonight! OH - And The Greatest Screening of TRANSFORMERS Ever!

Merrick here... The TRANSFORMERS TV spots rolled out last night are now available in ultra humongoid QuickTime HD versions. SEE ONE HERE, AND THE OTHER ONE HERE!!! Cool.

Hey folks, Harry here... You like me? Wait to watch HEROES via iTunes so you don't have to have the drama interupted by commercials? Ok, probably not, but I'm told that in addition to a FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER spot, there were two TRANSFORMERS spots. I haven't seen the Surfer spot - but Paramount gave one of the Transformer spots to me and one to Not anything particularly new - in the one I have below - you can see a different angle on , which is actually - thus far, the most dynamic shot on that particular character. But that's about it. Here ya go:

Click Here To Get Your Dose of TRANSFORMERS dish!

Now for the real story... Tim League and I are pretty fucking Insane. And if you've ever doubted just how insanely dedicated we are to the ludicrous concept of Giant Fucking Robots... doubt no more. For the past two months, Tim and I have been spending an enormous amount of thought and work into putting together the greatest possible screening of this new TRANSFORMERS movie. Now the problem is this... the final version of the film won't be ready till the heels of release - which means that nearly everyone involved in the film will be on the talk show circuit - which means - they're not really available for a screening. But you don't really want to see mere mortals at a screening of TRANSFORMERS. You see fleshy blood pockets walking around every day of your life. What you really want to see... is a Giant Fucking Robot. Not only that. You want to see a Giant Fucking Robot tear shit up and shoot shit, preferably enormous plumes of fire. Right? Right! So we began to track down the only living fire-breathing car-consuming Giant Fucking Robot on the Planet Earth. That's right. ROBOSAURUS! He transforms from essentially a Semi - to a 40ft (to as high as 57ft) 58,000 pound Electrohydromechanical CAR-nivorous Monster that runs upon the blood of real Dinosaurs! ROBOSAURUS! The Screening is going to Take place on JULY 2nd, 2007. And Robosaurus is going to crush and rip apart cars parked in the no-parking zone at the ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE SOUTH! Did I mention it shoots flames another 60ft? FUCKING A! We got a real Transforming destruction minded Giant Fucking Robot at our screening! What's your local theater doing?

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