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THE GOLDEN COMPASS Trailer Finds Its Way To Glorious QuickTime!! It's Pretty Damn Nifty!!

Merrick again...
Yahoo has posted a mighty impressive trailer for THE GOLDEN COMPASS in Glorious QuickTime. I LOVE the visual style here…i.e. “the look” of the film…photographically, design wise, in every sense. Excellent stuff, very classy. Tons of effects shots, all of which seem solid-to-great. Not necessarily what one might expect from the director of ABOUT A BOY, but that's cool. I love it when directors surprise us (as the relatively unknown David Yates has apparently done with HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX)! The project has just jumped from merely being of only passing interest to me…to something I now anticipate eagerly. CLICK THE PIC to see Kidman, James Bond, and Bond's wayward woman look all…umm…compassy.
Then, Talkback below! The movie hits this Christmas.

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