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Video game adaptation KANE & LYNCH takes another step towards the big screen!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. KANE & LYNCH isn't even out yet and it's not only been picked up for a feature adaptation, but it's now about to close a deal with a director. And it's not a cheesy director either. Jieho Lee did a film that I've heard good word about called THE AIR I BREATHE, with Kevin Bacon, Julie Delpy, John Cho, Forest Whitaker, Emile Hirsch, Brendan Frasier, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Andy Garcia. That's still in the market, I think, but it's an interesting way to go. They're not going for a music video or commercial director first off... I guess that speaks to the strength of the story... or the deepness of Lionsgate's pockets. One or the other. It does sound fun... CLICK HERE to visit the story I posted after it was announced Lionsgate got the game... there's tons of information about the game and links back to the official site of the video game... I also got this image from my Lionsgate mole who has been filling me in on PUNISHER 2 stuff recently. I'm assuming it's a still from the game... whatever it is, it's pretty cool lookin'.

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