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UPDATED! The Joker Deploys Viral Marketing!! Help Trash Dent's Campaign Site!! Is Ledger's "Big Reveal" Nigh??

Merrick here...
You've probably seen THIS WEBSITE. It's a campaign site for Harvey Dent's District Attorney campaign (Dent is played by Aaron Eckhart in THE DARK KNIGHT). However, you may not have noticed THIS WEBSITE. Evidently hacked by the Joker, there's something going on here that should mobilize AICN readers (and geeks far and wide) ASAP. The picture of Harvey Dent is slowly deteriorating...pixel by pixel...revealing an image concealed underneath. You can help the process along...and completely uncover the picture that's underneath. The site asks for your e-mail address & prompts you to enter a code. I am told doing so leads to your receiving an e-mail that...when utilized correctly...will remove another pixel from the top image. I haven't actually gotten this to work myself, but I have a terminally wonky computer, so this is no surprise. When enough people follow this process, the Harvey Dent image will be completely disintegrated...revealing...whatever lies beneath it. Good money says it's a shot of The Joker. What makes us kinda sure? Dr. Cliff Huxtable (an AICN reader) went to Meltdown in Hollywood a few days back, and found playing cards littering the store. Dr. Huxtable says the people working in the store didn't know why the cards were there...some unknown person had strewn them around. Cliff was kind enough to send in pictures of the cards:
So, you know... The disintegration of the image is well under way. Help it quickly as possible...'cause BATfans everywhere are dying to see what awaits! 'Tis a shrewd and clever marketing effort. I like it.

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here... don't want to spoil your fun... I know I've had some fun today constantly reloading that website seeing the Joker face become clearer and clearer, but we have what amounts to the final image. Moriarty passed this on to me and I don't know where he got it, so it could definitely have come from another website... But it's not everywhere yet. Here's the best, clearest version yet. My thoughts? The image will divide people. I can understand the die hards taking issue with the mouth scarring, but personally... I love the idea and if any of the spoiler-ish stuff I've been reading in the talkbacks about the origin of the scar and the origin of the face is true (a part of me hopes it's not, so I can be surprised) then we'll be in for one dark as shit movie. So, take a gander at the gnarly pic!

Hey folks, Harry here... This thing looks like a physical representation of a John Wayne Gacy clown painting. Nightmares man.

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