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3 Minutes & 29 Seconds... This is it! AICN scored the motherfucking premiere footage of JOHN RAMBO! This ain't PG13, NO-WAY!

Hey folks. Harry here. As I fished my long turned off phone out of my computer bag in Chicago, I joked about what important messages may be awaiting me. In very short order - I had a message from Sly Stallone. That's right, our buddy was back from Thailand and, "The toughest, most grueling shoot of my entire life!" There were bugs and all manners of scary things coming out of the dark on the shoot - and while Stallone was in Thailand, JOHN RAMBO was in BURMA - and Stallone isn't fucking around. The footage we have for you is something that Sly put together to show distributors and folks at Cannes... but, he wanted to see what you Talkbackers thought about what he had for us. So - for 2 days, this footage will be hosted here on AICN. And then, I'm taking it down. But I watched this with a group of about 15 friends tonight and when... you'll see... happens, and then, it keeps happening - we were screaming and applauding and being so happy to see RAMBO doing the shit Rambo was created for. THIS ISN'T WATERED DOWN, THIS IS TURNED UP. That said - you should know that this footage isn't done - and Stallone still intends to add more blood and "ARROWS" to this stuff. Sly is also watching this talkback to see what you guys think, so be honest and straight with the man. And AB... It's fucking Christmas... Ho Ho Ho!!! Thanks goes out to Stallone for giving us this, to Tom Joad for some Encoding help and to the greatest audience of all, you guys! It's about to get BLOODY!

When Pushed, Killing's As Easy As Breathing! - See What John Rambo Means!

P.S. Please do not emulate anything you see in the above 3+ minute promotional piece, John Rambo is a trained professional... attempting anything you see here could result in actual fatalities, jail time and a close encounter with a prostate massaging summer sausage. So celebrate the film, don't reenact!

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