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Frank Miller wants to see Sam Jackson with 6 more arms!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Now this isn't a trade announcement or a rumor that a deal is in its final stages. Instead it's a bit of fantasy casting, albeit fantasy casting by the director of this particular project. Frank Miller is finally getting THE SPIRIT going and he was at Cannes, I'd imagine selling to the foreign markets, and he talked about his casting ideas, particularly in regards to the villain. Miller wants Sam Jackson to play The Octopus, The Spirit's biggest villain, a character whose face you never see in the original comic. He's got a pair of distinctive gloves that serve to let the audience know that he's there. And no, he's not literally an Octopus. He's a man. An evil bastard of a man, but a man. Just clarification. Sam Jackson's got a force of personality that is perfectly suited for a role in which you never see his face, especially when he has to be a horrible villain. Whoever Miller gets, I have a good feeling about this project. The material's great and Miller's obviously got the passion for it. What do you folks think?

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