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Paul W.S. Anderson's Viral Emasculation Of All Things Cool Continues!! THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY Remake Is Coming!!

Merrick here...
THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY is being remade. The original featured Bob Hoskins and Helen Mirren. Pierce Brosnan was in it, too. No word on who will be in the new one. Maybe they'll get Chris Tucker and Lindsay Lohan (rolls eyes) The remake will be directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. The story will be "refreshed" with a modern setting. It's filming in Miami next year. I don't think I've ever seen a Miami movie that I liked. I thought Anderson was preoccupied with a buncha genre stuff - how the hell did this happen?
Anderson added: "I am delighted to have the opportunity to put a new spin on this classic film which promises to reveal today's gritty underworld in an equally shocking fashion."
This from...


Is there no one who can save us?

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