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Is There A DARK KNIGHT Teaser Coming Soon?!

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. I haven’t heard for sure that there’s going to be a DARK KNIGHT trailer on the front of HARRY POTTER this summer, but I’d imagine that would be the perfect place to put it. And if it is there, I wonder if this is an accurate description of what we might see. Consider this a rumor for now, but enjoy:

Hey Harry, My brother IM'd me a moment ago with a description of the Dark Knight teaser, saying I may report this to the nearest movie site or whatever. Apparently news about this has not been heard yet, but here goes: Black background, cards begin to fall in slow motion, the joker whispers things directed at Batman, the audience, the final card to fall is the joker, with also a picture of the bat signal on fire.
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