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More STAR WARS?? Marion In INDY 4?? SPIDER-MAN 3 "Silly"?? Lucas Speaks!!

Merrick here...
Fox News has a brief interview with George Lucas, in which he discusses several topics of interest.
Regarding INDY 4, Lucas… ** …won’t comment on rumors of Karen Allen’s return, and that Shia LaBouf may be the result of Indy and Marion banging in the first film. **…says Sean Connery’s Henry Jones character is in the script, although Connery hasn’t signed onto the production at this time. ** …acknowledges the difficulty of keeping secrets in the current media climate, despite Steven Spileberg’s determination to try.
Regarding this summer’s movies, Lucas… **…calls SPIDER-MAN 3 “silly”. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. I didn’t like SPIDER-MAN 3 much at all, but…you know…I seem to remember a certain Stepin Fetchit alien, robots wandering drunkenly through battles wearing the wrong heads, and romantic pick up lines to the effect of “You’re not like sand”. He preemptively defends himself in the piece, but it’s pretty much the pot calling the kettle black. Funny.
Regarding STAR WARS, Lucas… **…says they’ll be two live action, made-for-TV STAR WARS “films”. It's our assumption that this reflects the interviewer's misunderstanding, and that Lucas is actually referring to the already announced series that are in development. So, keep this in mind when contemplating the possibilities. For more details…


…and discuss below!!!

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