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Is It Possible?? A Director Other Than Raimi For THE HOBBIT??

Merrick here... This is from an untried source, so I suppose this should be taken with a grain of salt. But, it’s pretty interesting none the less…and a potentiality I’d never truly considered. Personally, I think this notion makes a surprising amount of sense - although nothing makes as much sense as…say…just working things out with Peter Jackson and getting him the fuck back onto the project! (I believe Jackson is now synonymous with LORD OF THE RINGS/HOBBIT & his absence will make any project feel pale, imitative, or exploitative). Anyway, Checkyr wrote in, explaining who he is and why he would have access to this knowledge. He wanted to share this tidbit with readers. We all know that Sam Raimi is being courted to direct THE HOBBIT. As far as I’m concerned, this is a troubling choice give the sloppy and disingenuous SPIDER-MAN 3 – and Raimi’s increasing lack of style. Checkyr says that, concurrent with Raimi’s offer…MASTER AND COMMANDER director Peter Weir is also being approached. Which…is pretty damn cool. MASTER AND COMMANDER is a very fine film with an awesome look and sense of character. I wholeheartedly agree with those who call it “the best STAR TREK film in many years". If you don’t get that analogy, think about it before yelling at me in Talkbacks. If anyone knows anything more about this, DROP ME A LINE & I’ll update the world! Again, grain of salt…but compelling enough…

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