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Rodriguez has a kid named Rocket, but is he making THE JETSONS?

Hey folks, Harry here... the folks over at Latino Review seem to be saying Robert Rodriguez is making THE JETSONS for Warner Brothers based upon... well, the JETSONS. Well, I had to call Robert today anyway, so I rang him to get the lowdown on this. He's only just returned from far off sandy countries, where he was meeting on mysterious things. But he tells me that Warners brought him a whole host of things to take a look at, and the one he was curious about was THE JETSONS, he has not signed to make it his next film, but he is curious about the project, and depending on how the script comes along, he may or may not make the film. But no ink is apparently anywhere near being put into the pen that would eventually be placed into his hand, for the contract that has yet to be set into the motion of negotiation, that would result into an agreement that this pen, which does not exist, would be signing. That said, Robert said there was something on the horizon that he'd let me know about, if things work, stars line up and the world smiles upon the project that would be unbelievably cool.... that "is right up your and my alley!" So we'll have to wait and see. Oh - and I did ask Robert if a miraculous script did appear instantly, and the magical contract were negotiated and completed... could he even make THE JETSONS due to the fact that Warner Bros is a DGA signatory, and Robert said, he could do it, but as Financial Core. Which is essentially, a technicality, underwhich he could make a film for a studio that's tied to the DGA. Which essentially means, Robert is in play... everywhere.

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