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The Season’s Most Memorable Moment!! Nakamura?? Locke?? Bauer?? Thrace?? YOU Decide!!

I am – Hercules!!
Variety publisher Reed Business publishes also Broadcasting & Cable Magazine, which organizes a semi-annual critics poll. I just received a ballot. The poll is looking mostly for the best of the season, which runs this year from June 2006 to May 2007. The categories include “best show,” “best drama,” “best comedy,” “best reality” and “best freshman show.” The most vexing category is “most memorable TV moment.” I was thinking it might be the death of Eden or the first appearance of FutureHiro or maybe that final shot of Kara Thrace, which turns into a shot of the Milky Way, which turns into a shot of Earth. There was also Jack Bauer ripping out his captor’s carotid and Kevin Pollak carving out his own eye. Pullo outsmarting Octavian. Claire waking up dissected. Juliet claiming to be a repo woman. Locke falling eight stories. Logan Echolls entering the rapist's jail cell. Jim using his tongue to check his incisor. Harriet hurting her hand on Matt’s stomach. The look of Jordan’s face when Danny announced he was hot for her. Iggy Pop’s betrayal of The Monarch’s wedding guests. Naked Annabeth Gish sucking the joint. Much with the memorable. Does it seem like cheating to solicit the AICN readership’s help? I shouldn’t have trouble remembering the memorable, right? I offer time as the excuse. What Christophuh did to Tim Daly last night came to me a lot quicker than Claire waking up on the autopsy table last fall. See what I mean? Broadcasting & Cable’s deadline is Friday. I promise to read every suggestion posted in talkback between now and Thursday midnight!

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