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So, I answered my phone and it was... BRUCE WILLIS ON THE LINE!

Hey folks, Harry here... So, here I am at the house - hypnotically watching THE PARENT TRAP with Hayley Mills - feeling the testosterone drain from my manliness - when the Geek Phone rings - I answer and a voice says, "Uh Hey, this is Bruce Willis!" At first - I didn't know if it was a serious call - but as he explains that he'd been talking to his buddy Sly Stallone, and Sly was talking about how much he loved Ain't It Cool - he figured he'd give me a ring to try to set something up, like what we did with Stallone in advance of ROCKY BALBOA. Now, we're still working though the details of what we're going to be doing. Whether it's a 10 day thing or 20... if it starts with an interview with me, then expands into letting you into the conversation... whatever... Bruce is definitely up for doing something cool with Ain't It Cool! And yes, the PG-13 Peter Biskind VANITY FAIR piece did come up. Bruce felt his comments had been taken out of place and that Biskind focused on that more than he felt was justified, especially since at the point in which he talked to Peter about DIE HARD 4, he hadn't actually seen it yet. According to Bruce, he feels this Die Hard is right there with the original - and that if you didn't know it was PG-13, you couldn't tell, because it got him to the edge of his seat at least 6 times. Now, it might not have as many "fucks" as in the past, but the action and intensity - he swears is there. We'll see, and we'll hear a lot more from Bruce as we move forward towards the release. Let's face it, when Vern wrote his piece about DIE HARD, it came from a place where Vern just wants to see another badass intense DIE HARD movie. We all want to see the Bruce, be The Bruce and kick ass the way only John McClane can. Right? Don't send your questions in yet, but think about them. The Bruce is watching...

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