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Have You Seen The Nine Minutes Of RATATOUILLE Online? But Have You Seen It In HD?

Because if not, I highly recommend it. This is pretty much the experience I had when I went up to see Brad Bird at Pixar last month. We sat in the editing room, and he talked to me about the film and showed me some footage. Both of the sequences you’ll see in this nine-minute peek at the film were scenes he showed me. I also some more stuff I’ll tell you about in an upcoming piece, but I’ll put it this way: if you aren’t sold after seeing those nine minutes, then just move on. RATATOUILLE isn’t for you. Personally, I look at this, particularly that HD version, and I am amazed at the level of artistry that Pixar has achieved these days. Looking at their growth from TOY STORY to now, it’s pretty astounding for only 12 years. This film has so much atmosphere, and it’s so different than anything they’ve tried before. I think that Remy is a great lead, too. Bird talked to me about how insane the concept of the film is – “a rat that wants to be a gourmet chef” – and how it was putting these total opposites together and making the audience eventually want it to succeed that he saw as the challenge on this film. I can’t imagine looking at this nine-minute clip and not being excited about the film. Here’s what Disney sent over: ”I hope you enjoyed the 9 minutes of the film that debuted on a couple days ago. I wanted to give you the opportunity to provide your readers with the HD links BEFORE they’ve been distributed wide. I’m sure you’ll agree that 9 minutes of a kick-ass movie doesn’t come around very often and being able to watch it in HD can’t be beat.

Drew McWeeny, Los Angeles

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