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Did ya' ever see an IRON MAN walkin'? Well I did...

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I bet you Favreau and Paramount/Marvel are thankful they released an official still of IRON MAN's Mark 3 armor now that footage has been snuck of the dude walking around with it... And I say "The Dude" not meaning Jeff Bridges, but the stunt guy. IESB got the scoop! - Be sure to click on the video link just after the spy's report. I'm happy to see it's an actual suit. I was thinking it was going to be too heavy to work without wires or puppetry. When the stunt guy is resting, then stretches... he gets himself into a kind of hero's pose, fists closed and on the ground, like he's recovering from an attack... damn cool looking to me. Thoughts about seeing Iron Man walking?

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