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Yes it is true... mummy came in my house, Wolfman's got nards and it's totally not Bo-gus! MONSTER SQUAD on DVD!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Ever since I arranged a reunion screening a little over a year ago, I've been getting emails of all kinds from Monster Squad fans around the world. The movie speaks to a whole generation of geeks. It's a ballsy kids movie that could not be made in this day and age. It's kinda goofy, but dead fucking serious, too. There's some harsh shit in this movie, which is probably why I liked it so much growing up. The kids face some real danger... Fred Dekker was not afraid to have a vampire pick up a 6 year old girl by the face and call her a bitch before hissing at her, etc. Ever since the Alamo Drafthouse screening (here's a story we posted on that) there have been a rash of reunion screenings all over the country. I've kept in touch with the cast and director and they've been flabbergasted at the reaction and turnout from these things. They've met thousands of fans... even crazier fans than me. Due in no small part to the turnout of the fans, the rights issues that have been holding back a release of MONSTER SQUAD on DVD have been cleared up and Lionsgate is putting out a 2-disc special edition this coming July 24th. It'll be packed to the gills and has a badass cover, too. Take a look:

The full specs can be found at, but we're looking at two commentary tracks. One, a technical commentary with director Fred Dekker and cinematographer Bradford May, another a cast commentary with Dekker, Andre Gower, Ashley Bank (cutie, by the way) and Ryan Lambert. Also, you'll get a Making Of, extended and deleted scenes (I heard Dekker unearthed all his video tape copies of his dailies and found some really fun stuff), a reunion featurette, a vintage interview with Tom Noonan in full Frankenstein make-up, stills, trailers, TV spots and posters... But more than all that, we finally get the movie... widescreen, remastered and on our goddamn DVD shelf where it belongs... looking at my shelf, I see it will be resting between MONSTER HOUSE and MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL. I'm also hearing that Dekker's other '80s mini-masterpiece, NIGHT OF THE CREEPS, is being eye-balled for DVD as well and if MONSTER SQUAD is a success we'll see that come to life, too. Hooray!!

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