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GOD - Please Let The Movie Be As Badass as This trailer for FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER!!!!

Hey folks, Harry here - and holy shit this trailer kicks ass. I don't think I can possibly explain how geeked out I am by this trailer. I'm a hardcore FANTASTIC FOUR geek - and I hope everything that I've heard about this film is a baldface lie. I pray to God that it blows me complete the fuck away. I love this trailer. It looks like a real honest to goodness FANTASTIC FOUR movie... but... I also know how great Fox's Trailer department is. They're the best in the industry for making things look amazing. I just hope that this isn't one of those cases. I want this movie to be every single bit as good as this trailer. I want it to bury the first film in a deep unmarked grave. here you go...

Let the SILVER SURFER get a RISE out of You!

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