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Heroes 1.20 FAQ
What’s it called? “String Theory” What does NBC say? “Thrown five years in the future, Hiro (Golden Globe nominee Masi Oka) and Ando (James Kyson Lee) discover that people with extraordinary abilities are not only widely known about -- after the destruction of New York City and the deaths of millions -- but are being registered, imprisoned, hunted and even killed as "terrorists." As the President takes his first step towards a "final solution," the pair get swept up in what could be the "Heroes" final battle and encounter a range of new and darkly familiar faces. If they survive the experience, can they still get back to the present and save the world? Stana Katic, Jimmy Jean-Louis and Zachary Quinto guest star.” What is NBC not telling us? Matt Parkman has turned evil. Nikki and Jessica are merged, Ali Larter tells TV Guide Online. "And we have an episode coming up that's set in the future. There is definitely a winner then." Maybe she’s even the first lady of the United States. What lies beyond tonight’s installment? Invisotext cloaks the spoilage. We’ll learn of Mr. Nakamura’s superpower. We will learn Simone has a superpower, and probably her dad too. We will learn the surprising identity of Claire’s Grandpa Petrelli and the circumstances of his untimely end. The final few episodes will features the returns of George Takai (Kaito Nakamura), Clea DuVall (FBI special agent Audrey Hanson), Tawny Cypress (Simone Devereaux) and Richard Roundtree (Simone’s dad Charles). Sulu and Shaft in the same episode! Can you dig it? From NBC: 1.21 – May 7 - "The Hard Part" AS NATHAN AND HIS FAMILY READY FOR THE ELECTION, MASI AND ANDO FACE THE HARD PART OF SAVING THE WORLD; ERIC ROBERTS AND RENA SOFER GUEST-STAR -- Now knowing what's at stake if they fail in their mission, Hiro (Golden Globe nominee Masi Oka) and Ando's (James Kyson Lee) determination to save the world is put to the test. Committed to the path, Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) takes some surprising steps to guarantee his election. Jessica (Ali Larter) and D.L. (Leonard Roberts) begin to learn how their family fits into Linderman's plans. Thompson (guest star Eric Roberts, "Less Than Perfect") brings someone new into his company's fold. With more and more blood on his hands, Sylar (guest star Zachary Quinto) visits his mom (guest star Ellen Greene). Matthew John Armstrong, Justin Evans, Missy Peregrym, Cristine Rose, Rena Sofer ("24"), Adair Tishler, and Jackson Wurth guest-star. 1.22 – May 14 - "Landslide" AS LINDERMAN ARRIVES, NATHAN CONSIDERS THE COST TO WIN THE ELECTION; MALCOLM MCDOWELL, ERIC ROBERTS AND GEORGE TAKEI GUEST-STAR -- Poised to become a member of Congress and maybe more, Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) considers the cost to those he loves, along with his mother's (guest star Cristine Rose) advice and Linderman's (guest star Malcolm McDowell, "Entourage,""A Clockwork Orange") prophecy. As he prepares to face Sylar (guest star Zachary Quinto) to the death, Hiro (Golden Globe nominee Masi Oka) learns of his linage from his father (guest star George Takei, "Star Trek"). While various "heroes" fatefully arrive in New York City, Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) and Ted (Matthew John Armstrong) attempt to leave the city before the foretold explosion. H.R.G. (Jack Coleman) and Matt (Greg Grunberg) learn the surprising truth behind the tracking system used on people with special abilities. Clea DuVall, Justin Evans, James Kyson Lee, Missy Peregrym, Eric Roberts, Rena Sofer, Adair Tishler and Jackson Wurth guest-star. 1.23 – May 21 - "How To Stop an Exploding Man" HEROES RISE AND FALL IN THE SHOCKING SEASON FINALE WRITTEN BY EXECUTIVE PRODUCER/CREATOR TIM KRING AND DIRECTED BY EXECUTIVE PRODUCER ALLAN ARKUSH -- With Isaac's (Santiago Cabera) horrible predictions all unfolding before them, the everyday people with extraordinary abilities face moments of pain and peril in Kirby Plaza with unflinching heroism, as "Heroes" first volume comes to a close -- and the next surprisingly begins. Clea DuVall, Lisa Lackey, James Kyson Lee, Missy Peregrym, Zachary Quinto, Richard Roundtree, George Takei and Adair Tishler guest-star. 9 p.m. Monday. NBC.

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