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The Weinsteins go Asian... new slate, including a Tarantino remake?

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Buried in this announcement that the Weinsteins have raised tons of money to make Asian flicks (starring Asian actors, set in Asia, etc) was a little blurb about how their slate includes releasing MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS, the new flick from Wong Kar Wai and a remake of a '60s Chinese flick called COME DRINK WITH ME, with Quentin Tarantino directing. Maybe I've missed something, but I've never heard that mentioned before. I know in the past Tarantino has talked about remaking some films... my favorite was when he said at one of his QT Fests here in Austin that he wanted to remake Lucio Fulci's classic and radically underseen THE PSYCHIC (Sette note in nero) with Bridget Fonda in the Jennifer O'Neill role. But instead, he just used theme in KILL BILL. COME DRINK WITH ME is a flick I haven't seen, but it sounds great. It's about a young woman who is sent to free a kidnapped official, who also happens to be her brother. Her attempt ends with her stuck with a poison dart and is nursed back to health by a martial arts master. They then form a plan to rescue her brother and whoop up on the bastards that got him. Sounds cool, but there's a part of me that'd rather just see Tarantino keep on with his original work. If he lines this up to do after INGLORIOUS BASTARDS, then I have no complaints. I just want to see his damn WW2 movie. Thoughts?

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