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Let's try this again... Is this The Joker? I guess not...

Alright, this is turning into SPIDER-MAN 3 all over again. I think I'm going to avoid looking at anything from Dark Knight from now on. Photoshop is getting too good. I should have known the below image wasn't real when I didn't get a screaming call from WB or their lawyers at 7am PST. I did run it as a rumor, so at least I didn't put any money on it being legit, right? The guy comes clean here, shows the samples he used to make the image. Good work, dude. Now I'll get Harry rubbing this in for the next 10 years... I'll just have to dig up a few dozen links of him doing the same thing, right? heh Sorry, for getting conned, but sometimes that comes with the territory of releasing these unconfirmed images and material. If we waited for the studios to give us official photos we might as well be Entertainment

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here again. I posted the last picture of Heath Ledger as the Joker (CLICK HERE FOR THAT STORY!) and got slammed for it. But in that article I clearly stated that I believed the pic to be a proof of concept picture, which is almost always a preexisting photo that is played around with to prove the make-up ideas can work. It's still to be determined if that's the case, but because of that story posting, we got a new image from a new scooper, calling himself Rockatansky. Check it out.

I believe both images to be real, the one I posted before and the one I'm posting now, but the one I'm posting now is an actual make-up test, not a proof of concept photoshop job that'd be up on a casting director or production office wall. If you look closely at the two images I've posted today, you'll see the scarring is in the same place (corners of the mouth and above the left eye). I like the sunken-in scarring more on the photoshop job because this one looks a little bit more like Ichi The Killer. Until this is confirmed by Warner Bros, it will still be a rumor, a potential image, but like I said in the previous report... This fits with the word I've been hearing out of this particular production.

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