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Is this the face of The Joker? Hell nawwww!

Hey folks, Harry here... I leave the house for an hour and a half and this goes up. Sigh. Mori and Quint got a bit too excited to quickly. It's something easy to do, but the gray t-shirt, I'm thinking just would never be a Joker look... ya know? And sure enough - our ever-vigilant talkbackers found the pic on Comics2film - that was used to make this pic. This is 100% BS. AICN got punk'd. Well, Quint and Mori did. Heh

D'oh! Quint here... oh well... we'll do better on the next go 'round... For the record, I knew the pic wasn't a screen grab, but a proof of concept picture being used in the production offices to give an idea of what Joker would look like... and methinks someone might be calling the kettle black, especially since that someone also told me to go ahead and post it... just sayin'.

"Moriarty" here. You guys are both fucking crazy! Christopher Walken IS SO playing Darth Bane, and no one can tell me otherwise! ... what? This isn't about that? I'm sorry... what was the question again?!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with a really damn cool image for you. Forget that fuzzy far-away snuck pic. This is the first glimpse you're getting at how they're handling the Joker in THE DARK KNIGHT. Our source is new, but his/her story checks out and jibes with the whispers that have been coming out of the production. My guess is that this is one stage of the make-up. We know that Ledger has the green hair from that previous pic and I'd imagine we'll see some form of the white make-up, the clown aspect. But this is what is described as a "proof of concept" still. My understanding is that the image below is what the Joker will look like at the beginning of the film and that he'll change by the end. Click on the below to get a bigger version.

If this is just the beginning, I'd love to see a full color, official shot. Right now there might be concerns about looking too much like the CROW, but I love the look of the mouth scarring, like he did it himself to give him that permanent clown's grin. I'm really liking the look of Heath Ledger here and I can't wait to see the whole enchilada. Thoughts?

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