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Warming Roger Ebert’s
Chair This Weekend …

I am – Hercules!!
Hurts so good! The former John Cougar takes a break from small-town living to park his hinder in Chicago’s most famous aisle seat. I remind the powers that be at “Ebert & Roeper” that AICN’s main man in Chicago, Steve “Capone” Prokopy, might be willing to pinch-hit for Roger should the producers tire of out-of-town rock stars. “Capone” sits across from Roeper in the real Windy City screening rooms, so why not put the man on set and give the online community a little love? Anyone at the show interested in making an offer can write to “Capone” here: In the meantime? Look! Press release!
For Immediate Release JOHN MELLENCAMP TO CO-HOST AN EPISODE OF "EBERT & ROEPER" MULTI-PLATINUM SELLING AND GRAMMY-WINNING ARTIST JOINS RICHARD ROEPER IN THE BALCONY CHICAGO, IL (April 16, 2007) – "Ebert & Roeper" has announced that musician/actor/director John Mellencamp is scheduled to test his thumb alongside Richard Roeper in the balcony of the respected movie review program, while Roger Ebert continues his recovery. Mellencamp will serve as guest critic on the edition airing the weekend of April 21-22. Mellencamp has sold over 40-million albums and has earned 15 Grammy nominations over the course of his career, which spans more than 30-years. His most recently released album "Freedom's Road" was the highest debuting album of his career, hitting the Billboard chart at #5 the week of its release. In 1992, Mellencamp wrote and directed the feature film "Falling from Grace," which was given two thumbs up and was bestowed four out of four stars by Roger Ebert in the Chicago Sun-Times . Richard Roeper also reviewed the film for the paper and proclaimed "… if you truly don't enjoy it, send me your ticket stub and your explanation and I'll send you a refund." Among Roeper and Mellencamp's scheduled slate of reviews are "Vacancy," starring Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson and "Fracture," with Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling. "Ebert & Roeper is distributed in national syndication by Disney's Buena Vista Television. Check local listings for time and channel at # # #

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