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'This Is Future Crap, Isn't It??'
Brian K. Vaughn
Writes LOST 3.17!!

I am – Hercules!!
LOST 3.17 FAQ What’s it called? “Catch-22.” Who’s responsible? Teleplay is credited to Jeff Pinkner (“Not In Portland,” “The Man From Tallahassee”) & 29-year-old comic-book writer Brian K. Vaughan (“Y: The Last Man,” “Runaways,” “Ultimate X-Men”), who makes his TV-scripting debut. What does ABC say? “Desmond coaxes Charlie, Hurley and Jin on a trek across the jungle after experiencing one of his future-prophesizing "flashes" -- but is he purposely placing Charlie's life in harm's way? Meanwhile, Kate turns to an unwitting Sawyer after seeing Jack alone with Juliet. Guest starring are Sonia Walger as Penny Widmore, Jack Maxwell as Derek, Joanna Bool as Ruth, Andrew Connolly as Brother Campbell, Andrew Trask as older monk and Marsha Thomason as Naomi. ” How did last week’s promo go? DESMOND: I saw a sequence of events. Things that are going to happen. ANNOUNCER: Something is coming to this island. Is it salvation, or is it annihilation? There are five shocking episodes before the cataclysmic season finale. SUN: How do we know he isn’t what you want? ANNOUNCER: This is the beginning of the end. SAWYER: FINISH IT!! ANNOUNCER: An all-new “Lost.” Next Wednesday at ten, nine central, only on ABC. So Locke’s not back this week? That’s the word. The now-confirmed batting order for flashbacks: 3.17 Desmond Hume 3.18 Jin & Sun Kwon 3.19 John Locke 3.20 Benjamin Linus 3.21 Charlie Pace 3.22-23 Jack Shephard What else is ABC not telling us? The new character Naomi, Carlton Cuse tells TV Guide's Michael Ausiello, “does not appear in a flashback, she is not an Other, and she is not one of the survivors of Flight 815." What happened to the flashback-free episode? See the update here. What was Herc’s wacky theory about Kate again? It’s more of a series of “What Ifs.” Now that we know (from last episode) that The Others possess implants that can fuck up someone’s physiology if remotely triggered, what if: * Kate secretly works for Christian Shephard, who may be Ben’s boss. * Stewardess Cindy (or someone else) on the 815 slipped something into the “not very strong drink” Cindy gave Jack? * Kate, immediately following the crash of 815, went to the jungle to inject the unconscious Jack with an implant? * Kate was interrupted (by a wandering Arzt or Nikki or a polar bear) before she could prepare Jack’s injection, and quickly cut a hole in Jack’s back? * Kate, on the beach, used her curtain-hemming skills to sew the implant into the now-conscious Jack’s back early in the pilot? * Kate was so hot to recover the tiny toy plane because it contains the trigger for Jack’s implant? * Kate made sweet love to Sawyer specifically to expedite Ben’s plan to manipulate Jack? 10 p.m. Wednesday. ABC.

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