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ScoreKeeper Informs You Of Upcoming Soundtracky Events!!

Greetings! ScoreKeeper here flipping through the pages of my “Famous Film Composers: Swimsuit Edition” calendar to share with you some highlighted film music related dates. I’ve been a film music freak for about fifteen years and it never ceases to amaze me how fast the industry is growing among fans and admirers around the world year in and year out. There are a number of new film music related events on the horizon which never could have existed half a decade ago if it were not for the expanding legions of fans wishing to participate in the global celebration of our passion. These events demonstrate exactly what I am talking about. Get out your Sharpie® and circle these notable events in your calendar today!
2ND SONCINEMAD 2007 June 29th - July 1st, 2007 Madrid, Spain ALAN SILVESTRI LEADS SONCINEMAD 2007 WITH WORLD EXCLUSIVE SYMPHONIC CONCERT. MADRID, SPAIN, SUMMER 2007 The Soncinemad Organizing Committee is particularly honored to announce the apical event of Soncinemad 2007; world-famous American composer Alan Silvestri will conduct his own film music under a special symphonic concert which will crown the 2nd Soncinemad film music festival of Madrid, Spain, June the 29th to July the 1st, 2007. Silvestri will head a world-exclusive symphonic concert for full orchestra and choir with the repertoire covering a large part of his best, most beloved and memorable works to date. Soncinemad 2007's events will begin with a very special film music concert tribute to all our guests and with the orchestra performing suites from the Soncinemad 2007 panelists' best works introduced and led by Christopher Young, Honorary President of Soncinemad, who will also present some of his music as part of an Extraordinary concert the 29th June. Our additional task at the moment is working on confirming the attendance of a particularly strong line-up of composers, both from Europe and North America. The already-confirmed team of composers is very impressive but all the names of the attendants along with the seminars' schedule will be shortly announced. CRISTOPHER GORDON AND CARLES CASES TO ATTEND SONCINEMAD 2007; GORDON TO APPEAR CONDUCTING HIS OWN WORK IN THE EXTRA-ORDINARY CONCERT, JUNE THE 29th-2007, MADRID, SPAIN. The Soncinemad Organizing Committee organizing committee is thrilled to announce the presence of the well-known and particularly talented British-born composer, Christopher Gordon in Soncinemad 2007 as an honorary guest. The composer of such films as MOBY DICK (1998), ON THE BEACH (2000), MASTER AND COMMANDER (2003) and SALEM’S LOT (2004) will be a part of our special film music concert which will serve as a fascinating tribute to all of our guest composers for this year's festival. The special concert's repertoire will cover a rich and colorful selection of various pieces from the Soncinemad 2007 panelists' best works including Christopher Gordon who will conduct for our audiences a live performance of a marvelous suite containing material lifted from the most fascinating and beautiful moments from his celebrated score for ON THE BEACH. The event will be introduced and led by Christopher Young, Honorary President of Soncinemad, who will also present some of his music as part of an extraordinary concert the 29th June. Spanish composer Carles Cases will also attend Soncinemad 2007. Cases was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1958 and he is a very successful Spanish composer. After his previous, long-time experience with big band and jazz (genres in which Cases still maintains interest and a certain degree of involvement) Cases successfully switched to film and TV productions in the late 1980s. International hits like “LOS SIN NOMBRE (1999), DAGON (2001), DARKNESS (2002), along with several films for director Ventura Pons are parts of his filmography and he was also nominated for a Goya Award (Spanish Oscar) in 1996 for his work on Pons' EL PERQUÉ DE TOT PLEGAT (1995). SHIGERU UMEBAYASHI AND ÁNGEL ILLARRAMENDI TO ATTEND SONCINEMAD 2007; ILLARRAMENDI TO ALSO PARTICIPATE IN THE TRIBUTE CONCERT; Shigeru Umebayashi, one of the most beloved and respected film music composers of our time, and Spanish composer Αngel Illarramendi will attend and enrich the events of the 2nd annual Madrid Film Music Festival – Soncinemad 2007. Award winning composer Shigeru Umebayashi was born in Japan in 1951 and after he moved from his leading duties with the 80’s rock band ‘EX’ to the field of film music, has became one of the most genuine and quality composers in the area. A particularly famous composer, especially Hong Kong, Umebayashi’s work as been internationally praised with one of his most well-known works being Wong Kar-Wai’s IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE (2000), Zhang Yimou’s HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS (2004), and Wong Kar-Wai’s successful 2046 (2004). In Europe his was music has been adopted in various commercial advertisements such as “Nestle” and “Volkswagen” and he has also started to work for the film music industry of France and Greece. Soncinemad 2007 will host Shigeru Umebayashi as a special guest and we’ll be privileged by a conference / masterclass he’ll offer for our attendants and which will be concentrated on his colorful and long-time career. Soncinemad 2007’s organizing committee is also honored by the presence of Spanish composer Αngel Illarramendi for our events as he’ll offer a conference as well as conducting parts of his own work for our own special film music concert which will feature numerous prestigious appearances, tributes to our festival’s guest composers such as Christopher Gordon, Carles Cases, Shigeru Umebayashi, Ángel Illarramendi and with more names to be announced shortly. The event will be introduced and led by Christopher Young, Honorary President of Soncinemad, who will also present some of his music as part of an extraordinary concert the 29th June in the “Kinepolis”, Madrid, Spain. Illarramendi who was born in 1958 in Spain, is considered as one of the most gifted European composers for movies, even known as the "Spanish Delerue." His unique talent in creating melodies, and his high sensibility put him on the higher places of the Spanish industry with his varicolored filmography including a wide variety of movies: from drama of YOYES (2000) to the adventurous orchestral journeys of LA ISLA DEL CANGREJO (2000) and from thrillers like PRESENCE OF MIND (1999) to comedies and even music for animated films like EL REY DE LA GRANJA (2002). He’s a frequent collaborator with famous Spanish producer Elνas Querejeta and has been nominated for the Goya Awards of the Spanish Academy as well as having won several CEC Awards. ====== To preregister with us for Soncinemad II, please feel free to reach us through our e-mail address at: Please make sure you include the following information: Name, Surname, Address, City, Zip Code, Country, Passport Number / National Identification, Phone number (including the international code) and e-mail address of preference. Alternatively, you will be able to register with us through our official website, filling the form: ====== THE SECOND ANNUAL COMPOSER EXPO Wednesday, July 25, 2007 The Skirball Cultural Center Los Angeles, CA Admission: $125 including lunch, dinner and all seminars and events *** SAVE $30 - Register for only $95 before June 1, 2007 *** On Wednesday July 25, Turner Classic Movies and Film Music Magazine present The Second Annual Composer Expo, a special national conference that brings together the best and brightest composers and other industry professionals to focus exclusively on the state of the art, craft, technology and business of instrumental music for film, television and video games. Featured at The Composer Expo will be a full day of panels and networking activities featuring top VIP industry professionals focusing on all aspects of composing instrumental music for film, television and video games. Panel topics include: THE ART AND CRAFT OF COMPOSING FOR INDIE FILMS A look at the special creative demands of scoring indie films, including dealing with budgetary limitations, changing schedules, composing on short deadlines, and how composers can most effectively communicate creatively with directors, identify and address the musical needs of the film, and create a finished score that works for both the needs of the film and the demands of the director. COMPOSER BUSINESS ISSUES An in-depth look at how composers can successfully manage major business issues that are reshaping composer contracts and finances. The panel will look at the progress of film/TV downloads and what types of royalties may or may not be available from these downloads and discuss how composers can successfully be compensated for film/TV downloads. In addition, the panel will discuss the current state of direct licensing of performance royalties, including current rates and terms. MUSIC FOR VIDEO GAMES: HOW TOP COMPOSERS FIND WORK AND CREATE GREAT VIDEO GAME SCORES Our panel of A-List video game composers discusses the current state of the art of music for video games including creative aspects of scoring games, how new technology is benefiting game composers, and how game composers are getting jobs in today's rapidly changing business climate for video game composers. BREAKING INTO THE BUSINESS AND CREATING EFFECTIVE DEMO PACKAGES A group of film and television music agents discuss how to get your music into film and television, how to begin or enhance a career as a film and television composer, how to get an agent, and how to create the most effective demo package. MUSIC SUPERVISOR ROUNDTABLE Top industry music supervisors discuss the evolving role of the music supervisor in working with composers and choosing composers for film, business issues, creative issues and more. TECHNOLOGY ROUND-UP: THE LATEST IN FILM & TV MUSIC TECHNOLOGY Top technology panelists discuss new technology for composing music for film and television including the latest sample libraries and sample platforms, sequencing and notation software, digital audio hardware/software, and more. THE COMPOSER-EDITOR-DIRECTOR RELATIONSHIP Composer Aaron Zigman and Editor Alan Heim discuss their working relationship and how composers and directors can most effectively work together. A special emphasis on creative decisions and the process of directors and composers writing, reviewing, and recording together will be explored. Director Nick Cassavetes has also been invited to participate. KEYNOTE PANEL: THE INDUSTRY LEADERS A specially selected group of top film and television composers including Mark Mothersbaugh, Mychael Danna, Teddy Castellucci and Bear McCreary discuss the start of the art of the film and television composing industry and how composers can succeed in today's challenging environment. Following the panels there will be a cocktail reception and dinner featuring Hans Zimmer which the winner of the 2007 Young Film Composers Competition will be announced. ============================================= REGISTER TODAY - SEATING IS LIMITED Registration for this special event is only $95 ($125 after June 1) including an all-day pass to all panels and networking events, including lunch, cocktails and the Young Film Composers Competition Awards Dinner. Don't miss this special industry event focused exclusively on the working world of score composers. To register today, visit and click on "REGISTER NOW". More information on The Composer Expo is available at or by calling 1-800-774-3700 or 310-645-9000 ext. 702. ============================================= Confirmed VIP Speakers Include: Film, TV and Video Game Composers TEDDY CASTELLUCCI ("Are We Done Yet?," "Wild Hogs," "The Longest Yard") MYCHAEL DANNA ("Breach," "Little Miss Sunshine," "Capote") CHARLES FERNANDEZ ("The Little Mermaid," "Casper," "Aladdin") YOAV GOREN Composer and co-owner of Immediate Music library ADAM GORGONI ("Starting Out in the Evening," "The Dead Girl," "Saving Shilow") LAURA KARPMAN ("In Justice," "Everquest II: Kingdom of Sky," "EverQuest: Prophecy of Ro") JESPER KYD ("Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory," "Robotech: Invasion," "Hitman: Codename 47") CHRIS LENNERTZ ("Tortilla Heaven," "Painkiller Jane," "The Deal") BEAR MCCREARY ("Battlestar Galactica," "Rest Stop," "Geek Like Me") MARK MOTHERSBAUGH ("How to Eat Fried Worms," "Herbie Fully Loaded," "Lords of Dogtown") JACK WALL ("Jade Empire," "Myst IV: Revelation," "Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow") MICHAEL WANDMACHER ("The Killing Floor," "Man of Two Havanas," "Madagascar" (game)) AARON ZIGMAN ("Bridge to Terabithia," "The Notebook," "John Q") HANS ZIMMER ("The Da Vinci Code," "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest") Film & TV Music Industry Pros PJ BLOOM Music Supervisor ALAN HEIM Film Editor GARY HOLLIS Radio Host, K-MOZART JEFF KAUFMAN Agent, The Kaufman Agency DAN KIMPEL Journalist and Manager PEYMON MASKAN Music Supervisor STEVE RAPOPORT Music technology expert CHRISTINE RUSSELL Film & TV Music Agent NOAH SNYDER Scoring Mixer GREG TOWNLEY Scoring Mixer STAN MILANDER Former Film & TV Music Agent, Founder/Sr. Partner Film Music Associates MARK NORTHAM Publisher - Film Music Magazine, Founder of The Film Music Network MICHAEL STERN Scoring Mixer ADDITIONAL SPEAKERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED SHORTLY ====== FILM & TV MUSIC AWARDS Nominations begin June 1st, 2007 Voting takes place September 1st - 15th, 2007 Award presentation: TBA Los Angeles, CA Film Music Magazine has announced The Film & TV Music Awards, a new annual peer awards program for the film and television music industry. Nominations for the 2007 Film & TV Music Awards will begin June 1, 2007 and industry voting will take place between September 1-15, 2007. The new awards program addresses the need for a peer awards program in the film and television industry where those in the industry nominate and vote for the people and projects that will receive the awards. The nominating and voting events lead up to a gala awards show in Los Angeles in October that will be webcast worldwide. All nominations and voting will take place online. "The Film & TV Music Awards program is something that's been badly needed in our industry for a long time," stated Film Music Magazine publisher Mark Northam. "Despite the fact that composers have no guild or union, it's time that composers and others in our industry choose those who are deserving of awards and special attention. This new awards program is truly about the industry's voice - there are no entry fees, and no membership in any organization is required. The industry chooses the projects and people to be nominated, and the industry votes." The Film & TV Music Awards honors people from across the industry, including composers, songwriters, music supervisors, and more. Composer award categories include best score for reality shows, daytime dramas, prime-time dramas, comedy, animation, science-fiction, and educational programming, plus categories for short films, student films, and indie feature films. In addition to composing, awards will also be given for music supervision, music editing, orchestration, music prep, contracting, score mixing, songwriting, and instrumental/solo music performance in a film or television score. Additional awards will be given for best agent, best performing rights society, and three special achievement awards will be given including The Don B. Ray Educational Achievement Award for film and TV music educators and teachers, The Shirley Walker Award for outstanding female composer, and The Jerry Goldsmith Lifetime Achievement Award for film composing. More information and complete details for nominating productions and individuals for The Film & TV Music Awards will be announced shortly.


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