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SPIDER-MAN 3 Reviews Start Swinging Into AICN!

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. It shouldn’t be a surprise that we’re starting to get reports on the film. It’s premiering in Tokyo tomorrow, then in London, Italy, Germany, Spain, Russia, Sweden, and France... all before it ever shows up in the US. I’ve heard the same behind-the-scenes progression of buzz on this one that I did on SPIDER-MAN 2. Lots of chaos up front, rumbles that it wasn’t as good as the film before it, and then a total reversal of that once the film was finished. So now we’ve got our first review of the movie from first-time spy "Norman's Boy", and what’s the word? Check it out and see for yourself, and brace for some spoilers. If you’ve watched all the ads, none of this should shock you, but still... tread lightly if you want to go in knowing absolutely nothing:

Hi Harry, big fan of AICN, so you’re the only one I’m going to share this with. If you want to post it you can, but I have to stress with you that I CAN NOT under any circumstances tell you how I saw this movie but let me tell you, it was almost as bad as going through airport security, I will say one thing. I was able to catch the movie in Japan, where it is currently being prepped for its premier on the 16th, cant say anymore and if that hurts my credibility then it is unfortunately a risk I have to take. Just read what I have to say, and when the movie rolls around, you will see that I was indeed telling you the truth, and that I wrote the first review of a little film a lot of people are excited about called SPIDER-MAN 3. So I can’t say that I have ever really written a full review before, so I’m going to try and just type whatever comes into my head. By the way, I’m an avid Spider-man fan and the 2nd film is among my favorites, so keep that in mind while reading. A BRIEF RUNDOWN: Main titles begin, same flipping marvel logo, same brilliant Elfman theme (this time composed by Chris Young, but more on that later). No Alex Ross paintings, but there is some great CGI which focuses a lot on black webs, which is a hint at things to come, the composition of the titles is similar to that of the first movie, as opposed to the second. So at this point the film has just begun and already I feel like I’m visiting an old and treasured friend for the first time in 3 years. I can’t really describe how ecstatic I was at this point. The first shot of the movie is footage from spider-man’s final swing in Spider-Man 2, at least I’m pretty sure it was, we here a voice over from Peter, more of the same, but this time he notes how things are finally going his way, and the camera zooms out and we see Peter and a group of kids watching the clip of Spidey swinging on a big screen suspended over the streets of New York. The first 20 minutes is basically that, just the viewer watching Peter, and its so odd to see things going right for him, it’s a good feeling, but thankfully it doesn’t last. We are introduced to Sandman early on, and ironically he’s the biggest surprise in the movie, he is being played off as the typical thug who kills in the movies promotion but he is very similar to Doc Ock actually, he’s a family man who I believe is a good man at heart, and he has a great scene with Cliff Robertson, his character teaches Peter that the past is the past, and if he really is going to be a hero, he has to be able to forgive someone who has done a wrong, and that revenge will do nothing but make things more painful. We are also introduced to Harry’s sub plot as well and let me tell you; it’s great, and also focuses on revenge, this time on Peter (the movies main theme is revenge if you havent guessed). Wilem Dafoe returns for more hallucinogenic fun and Harry’s scenes were among my favourite in the new movie. I really don’t want to go into the actual plot because I don’t want to spoil anyone, but the second act is basically Peter’s fall and the third act is the redemption of both Peter and Harry. 2 major characters die at the end of this one, one good and slightly expected, and one that I didn’t expect to bite it at all, so it was an actual shock to see it happen, I think it might piss off some fans but now that I think about it, I dont know how it could have ended differently. It’s a long film, it’s 2 and a half hours give or take, so there’s no doubt that this film is very much more epic than the first 2. There are 7 major action scenes however they are all additions to the core plot, and like the second film they are all bonus as opposed to the main event: 1. Harry vs. Peter 2. Peter vs. giant crane (you will get it when you see the movie) 3. Peter vs Sandman 4. Peter vs Sandman in the subway. 5. Peter vs Harry rematch 6. Birth of venom (debatable as an action scene, more just kick ass) 7. A 4 way battle on a construction site which guarantees this film a special effects Oscar. So what did I think? Here are some views on the different aspects of the film. Symbiote: This was great because it arrives right in time to finish Peters ascent into arrogance, it’s very symbolic to show what Peter is turning into and it is an addition to the character as opposed to a 2 dimensional plot device, which is great because I had some fears that the whole black suit would be a tacked on subplot like the cure was in X-Men 3, and it’s not. This is a good time to point out that a lot of people have been saying that this film is overstuffed, but it really isn’t. It never loses its focus and deals with one plot thread at a time, and the long running time gives everything breathing room, and at the end when all the plot threads tie up, it’s a great feeling. Brock: Topher Grace portrays the Brock from the ultimate universe in terms of personality, but his background is more along the lines of 616, so I guess it’s the best of both worlds, but Grace plays him wonderfully, and he is a great addition. Gwen: Now this is perfect casting, every time Gwen is on screen its bliss (which isnt all that much unfortunately). Such an amazing character being handled with such grace. She has both purpose in Peter’s life and Spider-man’s life, so she is not tacked on in any way, however I must say she is underused, which is my only real complaint with the film. The unspoken hostility between her and M.J is so subtle but both actresses really pull it off well..which brings me too.. Mary Jane: This isn’t the M.J of the first film, and by the end of this film she’s lost a bit of her sweet touch that made her so lovable in the 2nd film, and it is Peter’s fault, but the last scene really ties up the Peter and M.J thread very nicely, and we know they will be happy. For the first half of the film, Dunst plays M.J the same way she did in 2, and it’s a beautiful performance. She goes through more shit in this one, her play gets a bad review and she is pretty much restricted to singing in a Jazz club, and Peter doesnt make things much better, and uses Gwen in a pretty assholish way against her. M.J does get captured in the end but it adds to the tension of the final battle so it's all good. Peter: We saw him make the choice to honor that with great power comes great responsibility in the first film, and in the second film he learned that he didn’t have to face it alone, and the third film is very much about Peter learning to keep a balance of both worlds, and he realizes by the end that it is not enough to simply swing in tights each night and save someone, its about keeping those that he loves happy, as well as being a role model to a city that really does need him, it is a hard lesson but Peter learns it in the end, and Tobey plays him even better than in 2. Venom: I’ll leave him a surprise but don’t worry, I don’t think anyone will be disappointed with this bit, big thanks to Raimi for including him, if there is a 4 its hard to say if venom will be the villain, he’s pretty much “dealt with”. I already gave my thoughts on sandman so that leaves Harry: His is the best plot line in the movie his arc is Shakespearian in nature and by the end of this film he really proves that he is not his father, and in the end he puts everything on the line to save his friends, you will love how it turns out, very emotional. The score of the film by Chris Young is more of the same; he basically rehashes Elfman’s themes, and makes new themes for new characters. His new themes are good, and Sandman’s in particular is quite catchy and similar to Ocks, but they probably are not as good as if Elfman had done them, but the score doesn’t disappoint if you liked it the first 2 times around. Raimi has proven himself a spider god thrice over now, and really I want this film to be the last one. It ends every major plot line and doesn’t leave much open, albeit it doesn’t really zip things shut either, but really this is a great ending. This is the most emotional, and epic entry in the series, and like its predecessors, it never loses sight that action is a bonus to the character drama, and not the main attraction, it really is amazing. I loved this film and I think critics will too, and it will probably be the fan favorite as well, don’t worry guys; Raimi hasn’t let us down yet. My scores for all three movies: Spider-Man: 8/10 Spider-Man 2: 9/10 Spider-Man 3: 9.5/10 That’s right folks 3 is my favorite, the trilogy curse is broken at last and we finally have a complete vision of a comic book character, which was yet to be done until now. My hat is off to the whole crew for giving us this gift of a trilogy.

We were also sent a link from a Chinese website where they have their own first review up now, and they translated it for us so you can see what they ahd to say about it as well:

Hi there! This is Adam from, one film fan news site in China. We love AICN a lot! And now, here's a world exclusive review for "Spider-man 3" from an inside man. You know, according to the film importing policy in China, all the foreign films must be sent in to local distributing partners and the State Administration of Films for censorship a few weeks before releasing in China. Especially thanks to this honest guy working for local distributor of Sony Pictures, we got a chance to take a glimpse at one of the biggest blockbuster in this summer, even earlier than world premiere in Tokyo on April 16. Keen and I've translated main ideas of the review into English in order to share something in that you guys may be interested. Anyway, if you don't like spoilers, please do ignore it. "Spider-man 3" is no doubt another visual feast, even more brilliant than the second film. You know, more characters and scenes, more challenges. They make Sandman really incredible, which must be one of the most difficult parts in my thought. Hit as a man, flow as sand. The final two-vs.-two fight is absolutely huge. (We'll talk about it later.) You'll find it almost impossible to catch up with all the fantastic scenes. I've no ideas whether you care about Gwen Stacy. However, she didn't seem to be a very important role in the film, even a little unnecessary. I think most of us won't go to "Spider-man 3"for love stories. Forget it. Remember J. Jonah Jameson? We don't like him very much as he seeks nothing but profits and carries a personal vendetta against Spider-Man. You'll LOVE him this time 'cause he is the guy making you laugh…with his severe wife. Here's five major action scenes: 1, Spider-man vs. New Goblin Yea, we have seen most of it in the 7-minute preview clips. But here's what happens next: Harry Osborn fell in a faint, and suffered from a short-term memory loss (temporarily forgot what happened between Peter Parker and his father). He and Peter became friends again. 2, Spider-man vs. Sandman Sandman escaped from prison for saving his daughter from serious illness. The police chased and forced him into a laboratory where he turned into Sandman later. And he encountered Spider-man when trying to rob a cash truck. They fought for the first time in the truck. Sandman fled at last. 3, Black Spider-man vs. Sandman The symbiote from outer space crashed down to earth with a meteoroid. It attached itself to Peter Parker as we saw in the trailers. The new black Spider-man was much more powerful than ever before. And he fought against Sandman in an underground tunnel as taking revenge for his uncle. Definitely, Spider-man was the winner, but Sandman was flushed away and survived fortunately. 4, Black Spider-man vs. New Goblin The shadow of Harry's father still lingered on and reminded him to revenge, which restored his memory. He made mischief between Peter and his girl, and Peter was badly hurt. But it was not that easy to defeat Black Spider-man. New Goblin failed again, and half of his face got disfigured. 5, Spider-man + New Goblin vs. Venom + Sandman Yea, that's the final fight. We know, Venom a.k.a. Eddie Brock was a journalist. He once made fake news and got exposed by Spider-man. Losing his job and his girl who fell in loved with Spider-man; he blamed Spider-Man for ruining his life. He went to a church to pray that God could help him with getting rid of Spider-man. At the same time, Peter was trying to tear his black costume at the top of the church bell-tower. Intense sonic was lethal to the symbiote that Peter got the creature separated from himself when the bell rang. Unfortunately, it got a new host soon - Eddie Brock. The merger became Venom. Venom and Sandman then united. They kidnapped Spider-man's girlfriend, and beat Spider-man with absolute superiority. As Spider-man was dying, Harry got stung by conscience and turned to stand by Spider-man. Then the battle became two-vs.-two. At last, Spider-man [SPOILERS DELETED BY AICN -- I MEAN, COME ON, I AM PLANNING TO SEE IT IN A FEW WEEKS!]. It's a happy ending, sorts of. "Spider-man 3" must be the best visual action blockbuster ever and outdo all its predecessors. It is really rare to see a better sequel these days, right? "Spider-man 3" is going to hit big screens in China on May 2th. That's all. Thanks a lot! Hope you like our news tips, guys! Pleaaaaaaase keep in touch!
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