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Okay... One Last Time, All Together Now... Shia La Beouf Is In INDY 4!!

On February 18th, I first printed the rumor that Shia La Beouf would be appearing in INDIANA JONES 4. Since then, there have been a steady stream of denials, refutations, and obfuscations. Shia himself has been quoted several times saying that he wasn’t attached to the film, including his interview with Capone a few days ago. Can we please all please finally agree that he is in the movie? It’s funny, because I think people misunderstood my initial reaction when I broke the story, saying that I was against his casting in the movie. That’s not the case. I think it’s problematic when new family members pop up in sequels, but that’s an overall thing. Although they haven’t confirmed what his role would be in the film, I’m guessing that my initial sources were right since they got the casting correct in the first place. I’m sure we’ll hear a lot more about this film in the weeks ahead. It seems like they’re picking up steam, making more and more announcements every day.

Drew McWeeny, Los Angeles

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