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A Teeny Tidbit About One Of Those Nutty Little STAR WARS TV Series We Keep Hearing About!!

Merrick here... …with a tidbit about music for one of the (2 or 3 - depending on who you talk to) new STAR WARS television projects currently in development. I’m presuming TK863 is referring to the CGI CLONE WARS series in the message below – as recent indications…uh…indicate that that the much-discussed live action series is still quite a ways off (with the possibility of another SW series coming about before the live action series). Here’s what TK 863 has to say…
Was at a concert last night of the LA Scots, one of the US's only Grade 1 Pipe Bands (bagpipes) in Laguna Beach, and they had Eric Riegler (spelling?) who did the pipe music for Titanic and Braveheart as a guest performer. The EmCee introduced Eric, and said Eric had just finished recording some music for the Star Wars TV Series. I followed up with Eric during the intermission, and he told me the following: Yes, he did in fact record music for the series. Each of the planets has its own theme, and the one he was brought in to develop music for was patterned after Bulgaria. So, his music was patterned after an instrument (I think he called it a gaeda (spelling?), a bagpipe-like instrument played there), although he performed his music on the Irish Pipes. He said it looked amazing, and Lucas had done an incredible job of the look/feel of at least what he saw. He also said he was told the series/his episode would be airing Summer, 2008. [TK863, out]
By the way, the spelling of the guy's last name is Rigler, and you can learn more about him HERE!
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