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Two New John Cusack Trailers Online... And One Is A GROSSE POINT BLANK Sequel?!

John Cusack can’t be busy enough for my tastes. Lately, he’s seemed to be sort of MIA, but now he’s got 1408 coming this summer and then two other films that are obviously in the can and ready to go.

First, there’s a film based on the true story of SF writer David Gerrold and his unconventional adoption of a troubled child. Gerrold’s a brilliant writer, and his book is both revealing and powerful. I know I’m an easy mark for this sort of thing these days because I’m a dad, but this really got me. You can check it out in all sorts of formats, including splendiferous QT HD, RIGHT HERE! This second trailer freaks me out, though. I have never heard of WAR INC., but one look at it convinced me that what we’re dealing with here is an unofficial sequel to GROSSE POINT BLANK. He may not be playing the same character, but take a look at this and tell me that it doesn’t belong on the shelf right next to that movie. You can find it right here in spiffy Quicktime! Looks like Cusack is on a roll right now, and I’m looking forward to all of these. Seems like a nice time to be a fan.

Drew McWeeny, Los Angeles

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