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The Battlestar Galactica motion picture is on the way!!!

Glen the Coaxial guy here. While...technically...this is film news and belongs in Harry's hands, he is a) out of town, and b) not the GALACTICA junkie I am - so I thought I'd pick up the slack a little. Especially since GALACTICA is frequently mentioned here on Coaxial. Once you're done, you can CLICK HERE to return to Aint It Cool News' main page...

Glen here...

Earlier this week, I was talking to someone in the visual effects community - who was asking me about some rumors he'd heard about a possible Battlestar Galactica feature film being in the works.

Now, I get asked this question all the time. I've had to reply negatively to the question so many times that....whenever I said anything which remotely suggested progress on a Galactica revival was being made...I had a tough time actually believing what I was saying.

"There's a production company named No Prisoners (who were - to some degree - responsible for the forthcoming Wing Commander film), which claims to be developing a Galactica feature film" I told the FX genius. Then I told him I'd heard no indication that such a project was in active development, and that I'd rather doubted there was any truth to the rumors at this point in time.

Well, I just got through dropping the guy a message, apologizing for being wrong in my assessment of the rumors. I was, quite simply, w...r...o...n...g!

This morning Reuters / Variety reports that a Battlestar Galactica feature film is indeed in development, and that some of the Wing Commander people are indeed writing & conceiving the new project, alongside Galactica overlord Glen A. Larson.

Seems the film will chronicle the adventures of Commander Cain. Cain was introduced in the original series as the commander of a second Battlestar, which escaped the Cylon-ravaged peace conference unbeknownst to the Galactica folk. Presumably, Cain is still on-board his ship, Battlestar Pegasus.

Cain is searching for the Battlestar Galactica - which had set off from its devastated homeworld in search for a missing band of humans who may have reached Earth during pre-historic times, aboard the first Battlestar - named Atlantia.

Does this reflect a considerable re-think of the series' underlying mythos? Well, it changes the rules of the game a little, that's for sure. Without knowing more of the story details, it's impossible to know more about how close to - or far from - the original series this new film will be.

All of the obvious questions (who is gonna be cast in the film? Will original characters / actors return whenever possible? How does this impact Richard Hatch's (Apollo in the original series) recent efforts to revive the franchise?) have not been answered as of this time.

To access the Reuter / Variety article in its entirety (which also includes an oblique reference to the Wing Commander FX people doing the FX for Galactica), CLICK HERE!!!

((Glen Note: When ever it's done, I sure would like to read that script, even if it's "off the record". Please note the P.O. Box below...))

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