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AICN debuts the two new TRANSFORMERS one-sheets!!!

Hey folks, Harry here with the two new TRANSFORMERS one-sheets that you'll apparently get to see in tomorrow's USA TODAY, but why wait for USA TOMORROW, when you can see it AICN TONIGHT? Right? Actually - I bet these begin to show up everywhere in a little bit. What do I think - I love love love the Optimus Prime one... That Mouth Shield thing just feels right - and Megatron - Well - he's still alien to me. I suppose it's just a matter of seeing him in context - but right now - he looks like a cool badass robot - just not what my brain thinks of when I think Megatron. However, at this point - I just want to see Giant Fucking Robots blowing each other up. With giant fucking arm cannons and energy weapons and I want the human characters reduced to the ants we all know that they are, in the face of GIANT FUCKING ROBOTS! And I want Life Size Transformer Standees in gigantic theater lobbies - for folks to pose with. Wouldn't that be cool? And they need to have giant Truckasauruses eating cars outside all the screenings. And Optimus Prime cell phone messages. And I want a car company to make transforming cars that I can own. So my car can just walk over traffic jams to get to the frontage road so I can get on my way. I've put too much thought into this. Here's the posters - click for GIANT FUCKING ROBOTS sizes!

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