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Is Childs going to be the voice of Barricade in TRANSFORMERS?

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Megatron being voiced by Hugo Weaving was not a rumor... I was able to get that confirmed through Dreamworks/Paramount. This being the weekend, I have not been able to run this rumor by anybody at either studio, but from the rumblings I've heard, this fits... and, it's just fuckin' cool... and the source would know what he/she/it's talking about. The word is that Keith David, of THE THING and THEY LIVE fame, has been cast to voice decepticon Barricade, the police cruiser. Which, I think, is fantastic casting. Keith David has a great voice and a lot of practice voicing cartoons and video games, so he knows how to bring real emotion into the recording booth. Plus he's just cool as shit. I hope this pans out. I'll put my feelers out and see if I can get this confirmed over the week. Keep it as a rumor, but a very interesting one, until then. If it does pan out, what are the odds of getting Barricade into a 7 minute long street fight with a Roddy Piper voiced autobot? "Put on the tinted windows!" "No!" And an under the belt shot... "Dirty muthafucka..."

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