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Zack Snyder is raising an ARMY OF THE DEAD!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I'd love to see Zack Snyder direct another zombie movie. I liked a lot of DAWN OF THE DEAD and as a stand-alone zombie movie it's a cool flick. But as a remake it forces you to compare it to the original DAWN OF THE DEAD, which was a no win situation for him. Either he was going to disrespect the original or make a boring retread, which is the reason why remakes in general are dangerous things to attempt. I myself have trouble disassociating the original DAWN from the remake, which makes it hard for me, as a viewer, to fully give myself over to it. However, I like the frantic, balls to the wall style. So, this project at Warner Bros, ARMY OF THE DEAD, intrigues me. Snyder came up with the scenario... sounds a little like Paul Schrader's HARDCORE mixed with Romero... It's about a father that goes searching for his daughter in quarantined Las Vegas after a zombie outbreak. No word on whether or not he'll direct, but he'll definitely get a story by and producer credit, along with his wife Deborah. Snyder himself is busy with WATCHMEN... That in and of itself is something of a miracle. I mean, I can't believe we're in a world where WATCHMEN is really moving forward, especially with a director that is coming off of an incredible success, who might actually now have the power to keep the film as hardcore and crazy as it needs to be. So, excitement on all fronts. I'd love to see Snyder do another huge, epic zombie movie, especially if he's able to step away from the "moving painting" shoot-in-a-green-box style of filmmaking and try to ground it in a recognizable reality. More than anything, on a completely personal level, I just want to see a no-strings-attached hardcore zombie movie with Snyder at the helm that I can just dive in to. What about you?

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