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Miissttterrr Prime... One energon cube to rule them all... Remember Remember Megatron's voice?!?!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. The net is buzzing with the news that just dropped at regarding Megatron's voice. Sector Seven is the government agency investigating the giant robots in Bay's TRANSFORMERS. This website, a very secretive and dense place, has been cracked. Click the link above and enter in NBETWO. If you click on the red scorpion you'll get a list of emails, indicating "megaman's recording" and an "Agent Weaving." I have run this by my sources within Paramount/Dreamworks and it is indeed the truth. Hugo Weaving has been hired to voice Megatron for Michael Bay. The feelings are mixed. On one hand... fuck. No Frank Welker. But on the other... fuck! Hugo Weaving rocks! I'm curious to hear his robot voice, see how different it'll sound from his other voice work. I'm glad it's someone we can guarantee a certain level of excellence from and not a big star who'll just take the check to sit in a room and read into a microphone (I'm talking to you Julia Roberts and everybody else in the live-action CHARLOTTE'S WEB... Thomas Hayden Church, you're the exception). I think by this point the haters wouldn't give a shit if Jesus Christ himself came down and said he was voicing Megatron, but there are those that just want a fun movie. I'm in that category. I think I laid to rest the idea of a straight adaptation of the '80s cartoon a long time ago. I'm hoping Bay makes it big, fun and retarded (pretty much a guarantee on all accounts), but with enough recognizable Transformers to make my inner geek smile every once in a while. If I get more than that, then I'll be one happy motherfucker. Anyway, what do you folks think of the news?

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