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Holy crap! Jonathan Nolan scripting INTERSTELLAR for Spielberg?

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here once more, with a bit of really cool news. Christopher Nolan is a very talented guy and I think his brother, Jonathan, is a big part of that. Jonathan was the guy who wrote the short story that Christopher turned into MEMENTO and has co-scripted THE PRESTIGE and the upcoming DARK KNIGHT with his brother. Actually, if my information is correct, I think Jonathan is the sole screenwriter on DARK KNIGHT, which I hear is a helluva script, although I haven't been able to get my hands on it... yet... Now Steven Spielberg has tapped him to write INTERSTELLAR, the sci-fi flick he's developing to direct himself. The idea was hatched by a theory from Kip S. Thorne about wormholes and the ability to use them for time travel. He's got himself a fascinating writer on a really interesting premise. I know he's still juggling the LINCOLN biopic, but I'd love it if he follows-up INDY 4 with this... which is a possibility if Nolan really kicks out a fantastic script.

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