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Austinites! Zombify for the GRINDHOUSE premiere and get Free Stuff from AICN!

Hey folks, Harry here... I believe all the tickets for next Wednesday's Austin Premiere of Robert Rodriguez & Quentin Tarantino's GRINDHOUSE are either all gone - or very nearly all gone. However, why can't we have a little extra fun with this event? Some company sent me around 50 or so GRINDHOUSE items (Action Figures, T-Shirts & Mini-Posters) and asked me to do some sort of giveaway with the items. So - this was the coolest thing I could think of that would be fun for both you and me. Beginning around 6pm next Wednesday at the PARAMOUNT THEATRE in Austin - the Red Carpet fun will be well on its way. As always - there will be tons of people gathered around that area to have a look at the various celebs that will be coming. Trying to get autographs - a picture with a celeb or two... Some of you may already have plans to be there. However - if you go to the Premiere as a ZOMBIE - you're going to get your pick of 1 of the GRINDHOUSE items I have - until I run out. THEN - stay to zombie out in front of the Grindhouse premiere --- OR - if you've been lucky enough to get tickets to the GRINDHOUSE premiere - enter the Paramount as a Zombie and enjoy the 3 hour and 5 minutes of Grindhouse glory. I just got off the phone with Rodriguez - who is celebrating getting his R-rating for the double feature without having to sacrifice much of anything. He only lost part of a brain-eating scene and Quentin only lost part of one of the crash scenes. So the big story in THE NY POST about the film facing massive problems - was bullshit. So there ya go... Come down to the Paramount Theater as a ZOMBIE on Wednesday, the 28th of March, around 6pm -- the movie is to start at 7pm -- and you'll get an Action Figure, a T-shirt or a Mini-Poster... But I do have more action figures and t-shirts than I do mini-posters.... but then - you could get the Mini-posters signed possibly! I'll see you.... AT THE GRINDHOUSE!!!!

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