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Behold the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD'S END trailer - in HD 1080

Hey folks, Harry here... the pirate event from Sunday was fairly awesome. We had wenches and pirates of all ages. I had them being wenchy & piratey - and we even had a real life Scottish pirate in a skirt... I mean Kilt. The Wenches were yummy and the wee pirates were cute as hell - including my own nephew. But the, had to be 4 at the oldest, girl that brandished her sword while screaming "RRRRRRRRRR" at the crowd - she was best. The gorgeous print of the first film was appreciated - and getting to see the trailer twice in a row that big was a real delight. And the fun extra that AICN provided was exactly that. A fun extra. That said - the new trailer is almost online - hopefully gorgeously. So here ya go - this is where it'll be:

Click here for 1080 HD Quicktime!

Here ya go matey!

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