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Some PIRATES 3 Snippets For Yew!!

Merrick here...
…with a humble aside from PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: AT WORLD’S END. Specifically, here’s a shot of the Black Pearl set on the Disney lot shortly before her deconstruction, and two images (I don’t believe we’ve seen) of Chow Yun Fat as Sao Feng. He has a great line in the movie: “The only reason I would want Jack Sparrow returned from the realm of the dead is so I can send him back myself!”
Nothing tremendously spectacular here…but it’s interesting to see the Pearl in this context - and kind of weird to think AT WORLD'S END might be the last POTC film we’ll ever see (with an emphasis on the word ”might”). Big thanks to the amazing Buzz LightBeer for sending these along.
“It’s not just about living forever. The trick is living with yourself.” – Keith Richards' character from POTC:AWE
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