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The Trailer's Online For Adrienne Shelly's WAITRESS!

I miss Adrienne Shelly. I’m in a Hal Hartley kind of mood today anyway. I’m off to see FAY GRIM in just a few hours, the sequel to my favorite Hartley film, HENRY FOOL. And then the trailer for WAITRESS pops in my inbox. I know it’s not a Hartley film, but it’s hard to think of him with thinking of Adrienne Shelly, and vice-versa. I’m glad Fox Searchlight’s handling this one. They’ve proven themselves to be very good at getting small indie films in front of mass audiences, and since this is Shelly’s first film as a director, and since it’s also unfortunately her memorial on film now, I want to see this one treated well. Let’s take a look at the trailer: Nathan Fillion? Cheryl Hines? ANDY FREAKIN' GRIFFITH?! Okay. Sold.

Drew McWeeny, Los Angeles

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