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LOST 3.12!!

I am – Hercules!! LOST 3.12 FAQ What’s it called? “Par Avion.” What does TV Guide say? “Claire becomes suspicious of Charlie when he behaves strangely after she comes up with an idea that could get everybody rescued; tension mounts between Sayid and Locke as they continue their trek to rescue Jack. Christian Shephard: John Terry.” What did last week’s promo say? “Next Wednesday,” the announcer hints, “a surprise connection between two of these survivors will be revealed.” “Why are you really here?” asks Sayid. “What the hell is going on?” asks Claire. “And the search party encounters its most deadly obstacle yet,” teases the announcer. “Looks like we’re here,” says Locke. “What is it?” asks Kate. “Looks like an alarm system,” replies Sayid. “Or a trap. Don’t touch it! John! John!!” “Aaaaauuugghhhh!” screams one-eyed Mikhail? “Oh my God!” exclaims Kate! Who gets the flashbacks? Claire. We get to see her in her Goth phase. Since Jack’s dad returns this week, is it possible the surprise connection is between Jack and Claire? I heard Sayid was Nikki’s nephew. No you didn’t. Do we get back to Jack and The Others? Apparently, since ABC lists M.C. Gainey (Zeke Friendly aka Tom) among the guest cast. Does Charlie die this week? We don’t know. The current flashback batting order is said to be this: 3.12 Claire 3.13 Locke 3.14 NikkiPaulo 3.15 Kate 3.16 Juliet 3.17 Desmond 3.18 JinSun Was that really “Take A Shit Guy” playing the giant Persian man-god Xerxes in “300”? Rodrigo Santoro. He’s from Brazil! Is Bai Ling in this episode? We don’t know. What else is TV Guide not telling us? Claire is a raven-haired teen in her flashbacks. One of the guest cast plays “man at crash site.” So Desmond makes no predictions this week? We don’t know. How does it end, spoiler-boy? We don’t know. Whatcha got on future episodes? BEWARE!! MAJOR SPOILERS HO!! * Shades of Lancelot trying to save Galahad in “Holy Grail”! Kate could learn at the end of tonight’s episode that Jack is now all friendly with The Others. * Next week deals with how Locke got in the chair. "I was afraid it'd be anticlimactic," Terry O'Quinn tells Entertainment Weekly. "It's not. It's pretty stunning. You're gonna go, 'Man, no wonder this guy wants to stay here!'" * Shannon, Boone, Ethan and Arzt all turn up in the NikkiPaulo flashbacks. And Billy Dee Williams makes his “Lost” debut as “Mr. LaShade.” * Carlton Cuse tells TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello that Claire will soon learn Charlie engineered Sun’s “kidnapping” all those episodes ago. * ABC’s literature on the Kate episode suggests Ms. Austin will go on the run with Juliet after learning that “one of her own” has betrayed her to The Others. * We’ll see more of Penny in Desmond’s flashbacks, according to E!’s Kristin Veitch. 10 p.m. Wednesday. ABC.

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