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Zombie corrects MTV, says HALLOWEEN theme will be used!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Rob Zombie has hit back at the MTV story that we reported on a couple days ago. You know, the one which reported that Zombie wasn't using John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN theme at all in his remake. He responded on his blog, but myspace is being a bitch and randomly shutting down, so I can't confirm, but I don't disbelieve it. He said it was a misunderstanding and he meant that he's decided to shelve HIS version of the theme, not the theme overall. I just wanted to run this because I'm getting a little tired of the emails coming in accusing me of slinging mud and printing bald face lies in order to knock on Zombie. MTV reported it in a giant piece complete with video interviews with Zombie and all the cast. It's not like I pulled it out of my ass. I even spent most of the article talking about what I liked in the behind the scenes piece. Bottom line... I read the script. It was bad. I still think he's making a mistake, but I'm not gunning for him to fail. I want him to make a good HALLOWEEN movie. Trust me, I want to see a good Rob Zombie directed HALLOWEEN flick more than I want to say, "I told ya' so."

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