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From 300 Trailer comes one helluva Rorshach... first look at WATCHMEN?

Hey folks - Harry here. The web is a-buzzin' about an image that is 1minute and 52 seconds into the below YouTube trailer from 300:

The image seems to be of Rorshach... a major character from WATCHMEN, Zach Snyder's next project. Although - there seems to be some question about whether or not that image is genuine. Well, I guarantee you it is. At Butt-Numb-A-Thon, Zach let me have a peek at his iPod, where that image was stored at the time, with a good deal more images, that I didn't get a peek at. After BNAT - I asked Zach if I could have a copy of that image for my personal desktop, and Zach being the sweetheart he is, gave in - asking that I not post it, til a later date. Given he's snuck the image onto YouTube, I guess he won't mind if I give y'all a better peek.

Click on the Above Image for a Gigantic Crystal Clear TEST IMAGE of Rorshach. This isn't final film still, but one of many test shots that Zach has done for WATCHMEN. Ok, gotta sleep, SXSW is upon me.

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